As I move on to a new chapter in my life with my husband Dennis, mom Leah (98 years old) and our very bossy Sheltie Lucky, I wanted to give my appreciation to my clients and fellow employees. I wanted to share that out of the 38 years of being an insurance agent, the last 17 years have been the absolute best.  I have had the honor and privilege to work with, and for the best people. Having management and my co-workers trust, appreciate, and support me has given me the passion and love for my job.  Now I will be moving on to cleaning, purging, maybe baking, maybe losing weight, definitely gardening and not analyzing anything.  I know that Air-Alta Insurance will continue to do the absolute best for their clientele.

Special thank you to my Mentors: Harry Mason, Marce Hall, Dick and June Buchanan, Maureen Greaves, Braden Bosch, Christy Seyler and Landon Bosch.

To my work family who I will always love; Melody, Rhonda, Kelsey, Michelle, Kelly, Erin, Teresa, Taralee.

God Bless

Rosemary Kimmel, CAIB CIP