Property Insurance

Personal Property refers to any property to which you own, occupy, and need insurance for. Whether it’s a cabin in BC, rental property or your primary residence, Air-Alta Insurance can insure you anywhere in the world. Whether you have just purchased some property or are looking for better, more affordable Insurance rates, Air-Alta Insurance can help.

Personal Auto Insurance

Driving on Alberta roads can be treacherous, which is a one of the main causes of automobile claims. Let Air-Alta insurance help keep your wheels turning with the right coverage and the most affordable auto insurance rates in Alberta. Whether your vehicle is used for pleasure, commuting, or for business or commercial use, Air-Alta Insurance has the coverage you need to get you going.

Business Insurance

Air-Alta Insurance knows that your time as a self-employed worker or business owner is important. So, we make it our job to know your business, know your risk, and educate you on making sure your livelihood is covered. Whatever industry you are in Trades, Oil & Gas, Restaurants, Realty, or Consulting. If you run a small or large business. Air-Alta Commercial Insurance brokers have the expertise, qualifications, and experience to provide you with piece of mind with the right coverage for your business at a price you can afford. Working with, and representing the best commercial insurers in Canada.

Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance is vital because your farm is your home and your business. That’s why your insurance should be as rigid as your farm. Coverages such as livestock; buildings; machinery; liability; are all different for each Farmer. Living in and knowing the agricultural setting in Alberta – our brokers know the needs of our local farmers. Providing you with recommendations and assessing your unique exposures. Air-Alta Insurance will get you doing what you enjoy the most which is farming. You can leave the insurance stuff to us.

Travel Insurance

Emergency Medical Insurance? Trip Cancellation/Interruption? Visitors to Canada? These are just a couple of our travel products available. We have the options and flexible plans for you to enjoy your trip instead of worrying about the what if’s. Our travel products are among the most comprehensive in the industry, which are offered by the most reputable insurers in Canada. Before you jump on that plane make sure we have you covered.

Recreation Insurance

Albertans embrace their unique landscape by Rv-ing, Boating, Quad-ing, or plowing the snow on a snowmobile. We’ve got the best coverages and affordable premiums for all your toys. Let us get you out there and enjoying what Alberta has to offer.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is designed to be there when you are not. At Air-Alta insurance, we provide financial advice and guidance to help you make the right decisions, and have a solid plan in place. We also have solutions for all your living benefit needs; Disability, Critical Illness Insurance, or individual Health & dental plans. Unexpected events do happen, and we make it our job to ensure your family is taken care of in the event of a death, illness or injury.